The Lazarus Advantage

Extensive Experience on Multiple Platforms
Lazarus Data Recovery can recover data from almost every platform, operating system, or media type. We have developed recovery techniques that benefit from the application of processes used on multiple platforms. Each data recovery benefits from our ability to apply the best set of steps using a breadth of proven techniques regardless of platform type. This cross-application of multi-platform techniques give Lazarus Data Recovery more ways of saving your lost data, thus eliminating the expenses related to slow or ineffective recovery processes.

Data Recovery Is All We Do
Data recovery is all we do, every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not perform data recovery as a supplementary service to software sales, computer peripheral repair, hardware sales, or any other type of business activity. Our priorities stay focused for each data recovery job. There are no other operational activities to compromise our personnel and financial resources. We concentrate on one objective–to successfully recover your lost data.

Trained and Certified Data Recovery Specialists
Knowing your data is being handled by trained, experienced personnel is an important part of feeling comfortable with sending your media to a data recovery company. Lazarus Data Recovery Specialists have been trained and/or certified by most major companies in the field and have the benefit of being recommended by major software and hardware manufacturers for data recovery services. You can rest assured that your media is being handled in a manner as to maintain OEM guaranties and warranties. Our expertise ensures proper handling of your media, efficient time usage, and in the long run, increased cost savings.

Getting You Back In Business In Hours

Call 24-hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
Because data crashes don't follow a schedule, neither do we. You can call 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of time zone (domestic or international) or when a data crash has occurred. We understand that downtime means lost money, and in such cases, time does make the difference.

Express One-Day Turnaround
When a system goes down, one of the first questions asked is how long it will take to get the system back up and running. Although most data con be recovered within 1-2 days, we offer. Express One-Day Service for emergency situations when data must be recovered immediately. And in the most urgent cases, SuperExpress Same-Day Service may be available depending on the situation. For Express One-Day, media must be at Lazarus Data Recovery by 10:30AM, and data will be recovered by the following day at 5:00 PM for pickup or delivery. Please consult Lazarus Data Recovery for details and restrictions.

A Stone's Throw from Silicon Valley
Location does affect a company's ability to service its clients quickly and efficiently. Lazarus Data Recovery is headquartered in San Francisco, just over half of an hour from the heart of Silicon Valley in California, which gives us the benefit of keeping on top of developing technologies, products, and services. We stay current on the most important industry developments that allow us to be knowledgeable on the latest pieces of equipment and software. Furthermore, the location of our facility gives us the advantage of accessing discontinued and/or hard-to-find parts fast. And coupled with our relationships with major Silicon Valley manufacturers, the sometimes lengthy parts requisition process can involve less than an hour for us. Having Silicon Valley in our backyard helps to expedite the recovery of your lost data.

On-Site Service
Some of those who experience data loss problems do not have the resources or ability to remove defective media for transport to a service facility. Furthermore, removing, packaging, and sending media to a facility may not be the most efficient use of you or your associates' time when considering the costs of downtime, lost productivity, and other opportunity costs. Businesses stay in business by doing what they do best. Lazarus Data Recovery Specialists are available for on-site service calls when speed, ability, security, and efficiency issues such as these are of concern.

Stretching Your Dollars

Free Diagnosis* and Consultation
We understand that by sending your media to us, you are initiating some level of trust in our capability. Part of Lazarus Data Recovery's commitment to developing that trust is in our no charge diagnosis and consultation policy. After having your data diagnosed in our labs and an estimate has been given, there is no obligation. If you choose not to have the recovery performed, we'll send you media back to you, no questions asked. We're confident your best no-risk choice is Lazarus Data Recovery.

Rates your Business Can Afford
Compounding the problem of data loss are the costs related to the resulting downtime your business must incur. Coupled with this are the costs associated with the corrective measures that need to be taken. This might include repair or replacement of hardware and software, and/or services such as our own. Our rates reflect cost sensitivity to small or nonexistent disaster planning budgets and remains one of the most economical in the industry.

The Referral Program that Earns You Money*
Those who come to know Lazarus Data Recovery are often placed in the position to refer colleagues or clients to professional services such as our own. Our Referral Program is designed for consultants, MIS personnel, subdealers, and service and repair centers as a referral choice for customers seeking data recovery services. The program is easy to implement and requires no investment. When your colleagues or customers experience a data loss, simply refer them to Lazarus Data Recovery, and you will receive a commission on the total cost of the data recovery. To join the referral program or for more information, please call Lazarus Data Recovery.

There's No Risk With Lazarus Data Recovery

Guaranteed Successful Data Recovery*
With a success rate close to 100%, we guarantee that if you send in your media, we will successfully recover your data. We believe if your data is lost, there's no company more capable than Lazarus Data Recovery.

The One Year Data Recovery Insurance Policy
After data has been recovered, data loss can occur again. As a service to reduce the time and costs associated with another data recovery, we can keep a copy of your recovered data on file for one year. (Cost is only one hundred twenty-five dollars.) Should you experience another data loss without a backup on site, a single call to Lazarus Data Recovery will get you back in business in hours. Having data recovered by Lazarus Data Recovery is not a one time service, but a one year insurance policy. Call for more details.

Satisfaction Guaranteed*
Lazarus Data Recovery is committed to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the integrity of the data recovered, contact Lazarus Data Recovery. We'll do everything within reasonable limits of the Service Agreement to recover lost data to your satisfaction.

     * Restrictions Apply

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